Newfoundland LNG Ltd. is proposing the development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) transshipment and storage terminal for Grassy Point, Placentia Bay on the southeast coast of Newfoundland. The terminal will provide LNG transshipment and storage services for importers and exporters of LNG.

When complete, the Grassy Point LNG Transshipment and Storage Terminal will provide the following services:

  • Receive LNG and transfer to another vessel;
  • Receive LNG and move to storage;
  • Store LNG;
  • Move LNG from storage to a vessel; and,
  • Gas to wire energy.

The project will be developed over three phases and will involve the construction and operation of the following:

  • Three jetties with berthing capability for LNG tankers up to 265,000 m3;
  • A tugboat basin; and,
  • Eight LNG storage tanks.

The construction of the three berths will be phased in over the duration of the project. The berths will extend to a water depth of approximately 15m and will not require dredging.

The terminal design has a boil-off gas (BOG) re-liquefaction system to manage all potential BOG created within vessels, due to transshipment operations (pumps, long pipe runs, valve and fittings heat gain), and generated from land-based storage tanks. Initially, all BOG generated from storage and/or transshipment operations will be re-liquefied and returned to storage utilizing a land-based re-liquefaction system or used for on-site power generation.

The expected project life of the Grassy Point LNG Transshipment and Storage Terminal is 50 years.

 Grassy Point Terminal – Site Layout (Full Build-Out)

Overview of Major Milestones


2000 – 2001 Conceptual Study
2003 – 2005 Land Acquisition
November 2006 The undertaking was registered – Project Description
December 2006 Public comments on the Project Description were received
January 2007 The Provincial Minister released the Project from further Provincial environmental assessment subject to conditions
April 2007 Town of Arnold’s Cove rezones Grassy Point for terminal use & Municipal Plan Amendment is approved
August 2007 The Provincial Minister announced the Employment Equity Plan was satisfactory
September 2007 The Federal Minister announced the Project will continue as a Comprehensive Study
September 2007 The Provincial Minister announced the Risk Assessment was satisfactory
December 2007 Draft Comprehensive Study Report completed and submitted to CEAA
January 2008 Revised Comprehensive Study Report submitted to CEAA
April 2008 Submitted Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) to Department of Environment
March 2008 Submitted Termpol report to Transport Canada
June 2008 CSR submitted to Minister Baird
July 2008 EA approved, Project sanctioned
October 2008 Termpol completed and approved